Blind mom dog who was abandoned tries to protect her babies from rain but in vain


Everything could happen, they were very weak, they couldn’t escape or find food, and the poor mother dog was pushed away with the newborns.

They can’t see their way out, and they have no opportunity to escape the dangers. Darya, a rescue support worker, rescued her and the puppies and named       her Molly.   Her puppy was cared for by a different dog parent.

She has lost her sight completely and so they couldn’t way any longer as the only cure was to remove both eyes. I wish her mental resilience and, above all, wellness so that she can overcome everything.

She must remain in the hospital.“ Vet stated. Molly’s blindness does not make her ugly; rather, it distinguishes her.

She is self-sufficient; she does not sit alone in a corner and understands by herself; she knows exactly how to walk and how to return to her previous location. She is calm and polite.

Molly’s transformations are incredible, and she is extremely intelligent and sensitive to everything. She was having fun with her foster mom; she ended up taking her for a nice walk and they went to the beauty salon together.

Molly is very sociable and lovable, and she has grown very beautiful thanks to her delightful foster mother’s care. Molly, who was once gentle and charming, has grown to be awesome and appreciative.

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