This courageous man decided to jump into a frozen river to rescue a lonely baby bear


Barkley had no idea that he’d end up saving the life of a tiny bear while visiting Virginia with his family and friends. A ranger and a bear keeper stopped Barkley on his way back to camp from the river.

They asked for his help in finding a solitary bear.This tiny bear appears to have been an orphan who had difficulty surviving on his own.

After walking down the path, Barkley quickly spotted the bear.

We got closer to him, but he didn’t move, so it seemed to that he was completely exhausted or there was something wrong.

He didn’t leave. Barkley alerted the ranger when the child appeared to be about to collapse.

Joel Rosenthal, a bear defender, rescued the small bear with the goal of bringing him to the treatment center.

Barkley saved the bear from drowning because he was simply too tired to lift his head from the water.

Barkley acted as soon as he realized the bear’s situation, watching the bear’s head fall into the water and grabbing it by the back of its neck and dragging it toward the beach.

“I did not even consider the dangers because all I could reckon of was getting to the bear as fast as I could,” Barkley said.

Barkley waded across the slick large rocks on the riverbank and dove into the cold water to get to the cub before it was far too late.

I immediately took it to Rosenthal to have it examined. Rosenthal’s truck was covered in towels while the bear was anesthetized.

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