Caring dad raised all his 6 children alone but their life changed dramatically after he married a…


Anna lately astonished the couple by abruptly saying that she was awaiting three kids. They previously had 3 children in total. The doctors did all possible to save the woman’s life.

Unfortunately, nothing worked out well for them. Anton was alone without his lovely wife and 6 children.
The story of a single dad was finally broadcast on TV.

The authors showed his struggle to modify to life without his wife’s aid. Following the launch of this service, Anton began to receive a flood of letters from women who felt compelled to speak with him.

On one occasion, he got a letter from Lyudmila. They began a friendly communications because she only needed to help the man.

A month and a half later, a father with several children invited another friend out on the town. Bringing all of his children along was the right decision.

The younger guys were naturally drawn to Luda, while the eldest son was a fan. The couple made the decision to marry and live next to each other.

Despite the fact that the woman had a kid from their former relationship, he established communication with the growing family with little difficulty. Lyudmila discovered that she required to keep an eye on Anton generally.

He is always willing to help and is reliable, resolute, and smart. Luda was aware that they would meet. She had a dream about living with seven children.

The couple exchanged vows in the bridesmaid’s hometown. They went for a few days while celebrating a happy occasion. Lyudmila was pretty worried about the prospect of living in a house with a large number of children.

For Anton’s sake, she quit her job in Omsk, took her baby, and relocated to a town 100 km far. Regardless of the fact that she enjoyed her job, she realized that her family was much more significant.

She is willing to go to great distances for her life partner and children. Her life started in such a large family. The new couple assumed right away that she wouldn’t be capable of handling anything correctly all around house.

Overall, cooking, washing, and cleaning for everybody is unquestionably hard. Luda finally learned that the soup should be bubbling in five liters.

Anton certainly helped the person chosen by the Lord, knowing how tricky it was for her. He encouraged her and provided her with info about town life. Lyudmila is given the chance to rest, so the day is planned accordingly.

Furthermore, the family’s patriarch does not linger. While interacting with the development company, he works with his supervisors.

The companions who must get up at 6 a.m. every day are given the opportunity and encouragement to finish all duties, but they never complain.

They received a minivan from the president himself, which can easily handle all of the children. It is incredibly difficult without such a car. They can now travel to any location they require.

It’s worth noting that the couple made an important decision early on in their partnership. They looked after their own kids while also assisting poorer families in the area.

They discovered that two children were stranded nearby. True, they had troubled parents.

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