Grandson delivers a message for wonderful grandma on the radio on her birthday, that brings her to tears…


Over the radio, Grandma gets a sentimental birthday present, prompting the loving woman to vigorously mop up tears. And just as she was about to conclude, her grandchild tells her that there is more!

The chirpy beginning of the story makes you want to start rocking out as the grandma gets into the vehicle with her grandchild, David.

In the video, she is referred to as “Nan,” and she rides across town in silence. The radio appears to be playing normally until static begins to interfere with the transmitting.

The sound that plays after the static is a birthday gift for Grandma. Most likely the grandchild’s driving voice. David begins to speak.

The speaker says, “We’re interrupting this program to bring you some real news.” Please pay close attention while listening.

Nan is careful but unresponsive at first. The voice continues. Iris Howard’s birthday is today, according to new information. She responds with a smile, and her grandson laughs along with her.

The recording continues by praising Nan, mentioning how well-liked she is, and noting that today is her 86th birthday. Then birthday greetings from her dear ones start playing, truly wish her well.

She reacts to the loud blessing springing over the radio. The feelings expresses as blissful tears as she keeps going to bike and hears the lovely words.

Many people praised Nan, proving that she had an impact on every single one of them. The large percentage of the four-minute short video consists of people praising her.

David and Nan talked about the event after everything had been said and done. He smiled as he told his grieving Nan about his grandmother’s birthday gift.

We only wanted to express how much you intended to us. At the end of the video, he played “Congratulations” for Nan.

Many people have noticed the video, such as ITV News, which commented in the comments, “Hi David, this video is fantastic. Would you mind if ITV News used it on our Facebook page and credited you? Marcus.”

David, you true hero, wrote for a local firm, The Sun. You’ve made our week over here at the video desk. We’d love to use [this] with attribution on The Sun’s website and Facebook. Is that correct?”

Grandma’s b’day surprise is a great reminder to value our elders, such as our parents, grandparents, and others who came prior to us and taught us. Where would we be without them?

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