Meet Polish Rapunzel let her hair grow past her shoulder length since she was a baby and now, she is 34…


Malgorzata Kulczyk, is a native of Poland who is currently studying computer science at the University of London.

Malgorzata is especially proud of her amazing flock of hair, which she has been growing since she was a child, as well as her exceptional intelligence.

Beauty has never had her hair cut. Only the ends had been trimmed nearly five years earlier. Her hair is currently 158 cm long, which is 3 cm longer than her own height. She must have fans who are envious of her beautiful hair.

Malgorzata’s coworker once advised her to cut her hair short, but she is now growing them out as well. They seduce men with their beauty.

Rapunzel keeps changing her hairstyle and washes her beautiful locks once a week. She employs them in order to capture more interesting and beneficial images.

She was born with blonde hair, but she created her own oil-based serum to give it a beautiful tint.

Malgorzata advises anyone who wants gorgeous, long hair to be gentle and to pay attention to their health, which is the primary component of healthy hair.

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