Indiana and Rory sing an amazing song “Papa What If…” go check the motional video here!


The contacting melody “Daddy What If ” by country artist Rory Feek and his kid Indiana is the ideal decision for Father’s Day.

Considering how well Indiana or Indy has performed, we are sure that Joey Feek should smile from a higher place. We love this film since it shows a dad and little girl unit making superb recollections.

One of the top pairs in blue grass music, Joey + Rory, included Rory Lee Feek. Rory and Joey were a hitched couple that influenced their crowd with their intense Christian convictions and grant winning capacity.

At the point when Joey died from cervical malignant growth at the finish of their relationship, their affection was valid “until death makes us part.”

Also, despite the fact that Joey has given to brilliance and is with her caring Friend in need in Paradise, Rory, who is as of now bringing up their girl Indy alone, guaranteed in a meeting that “he actually feels wedded.”

We can detect the adoration among Indy and her father as we pay attention to the ardent Dad’s Day melody,

“Dad what if,” and we can perceive the amount she respects her father from the manner in which she takes a gander at him in the music video beneath!

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