This video will make your day where “Old Folks,” the couple Carol and Harvey make the crowd laugh


A notable recurrent sketch on “The Hymn Burnett Show” was classified “Old timers.”

Harvey Korman, as “Bert,” wears a white hairpiece in this presentation, and Tune Burnett, depicting “Molly,” wears a long outfit, glasses, and silver hair.”

A full moon draws out the monster in me,” Bert cries irately. Do you feel terrified? Goodness course, Molly says, “I have this terrible apprehension about getting bitten to death.”

Bert illuminates Molly that when he visited the specialist, he communicated to the doctor his sensation of being thirty years of age.

What did he say, Molly inquiries? He encouraged me to fail to remember it and return to my better half, Bert answers. The two offer their encounters at a new wedding of two senior buddies.

About the more seasoned lady, Molly speaks.Bert calls attention to that the article expressed the lady wore white when they were examining the lady and man of the hour’s garments.

He gets a foul look from Molly, who adds, “The two of them sported white… medical clinic outfits!” Bert says he wants to “get igniting” as Molly plans to go to sleep.

At the point when the rock is gone, Molly inquires, “How are you expected to get flashes!” The group cries with chuckling as the sketch reaches an emotional resolution.

The pair is seen all through the sketch loosening up in their yard in armchairs. Harvey and Tune are amazingly gifted since only their entertaining conveyance produces such a lot of giggling.

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