An Ethiopian child with the unique blue eyes has achieved worldwide fame because of his…


This kid rose to prominence because of the color of his eyes.

Wardenburg syndrome, a rare illness defined by different degrees of loss of hearing, mild structural differencies caused by a nervous procedure, and other coloring issues, was born to Abushe. Abushe is from Ethiopia.

Since this syndrome is so unusual, only one in every forty thousand people has it.According to sources, Abushe’s mom and dad initially thought the child was blind when they first saw him.

However, due to financial constraints, they were unable to identify him or transport him for recovery.

His parents realized later that Abushe’s possessions were a blessing from God. French photographer Eric first met Abushe in 2016, when the kid was living with his grandparents in a bamboo and wood house.

After their home was horrifically ruined by fire, Abushe was left with a stump on his forehead. All that he could save from the fire was a crimson football ball, which represented the entire world to him.

Abushe will go to any length to follow his dream of playing professional football. Abushe was sadly bullied by other children who had no idea why he had those particular eyes.

When someone harms the child physically, they call him “plastic eyes” and “monster.” Nonetheless, he unquestionably made headlines in newspaper articles all over the world and was not overlooked.

“No one would have seen Abouche, but if you look into his eyes, their marvelous color will stop you on the spot,” photographer Eric Laforgue wrote in a description involving a portrait of Abouche taken in February 2019.


More than 6,000 people liked the picture on Instagram, and many praised Abushe.

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