Can it be possible to live without having a lower jaw? Read this touching story to find out the answer


Numerous individuals learn about a girl named Yaroslava Titorchuk via a popular TV program in which experts help individuals in need. Yaroslava had a difficult childhood.

She grew up in a broken family where her mom and dad had unhealthy habits and abandoned her when she was a child. Public care placed the girl in an orphanage, but her grandmother “saved” her over time.

The woman could not afford to raise and care for her teenage granddaughter because she was already old.As an outcome, Yaroslava, 13, fell into terrible company and began drinking and smoking in an attempt to “cure” her psychological traumas.

As a consequence, she started to have severe health problems, and health care workers recommended her that she would need to have her chin removed right away because severe processes had already begun there.

Moreover, an expensive implant was necessary for the girl to keep living a long life and not be frightened to look into a mirror, which Yaroslava did not own.The girl sought help from the media.

The professionals conducted numerous procedures, fitted the client with a prosthetic (for which individuals from all over the country donated funds), and were able to completely reestablish the bottom half of the patient’s face.

Yaroslava then made the wise decision to stop drinking, find love, and have a baby boy. She now works in a rehab facility, which previously helped her overcome her alcoholism.

From the outside, the girl has now become notably more alluring. In the pictures, her eyes are brimming with happiness and loooove.

Some internet users believe the girl is worthless of joy as she intentionally harmed her self, while others think it is not her blame and that anyone who experiences difficult times is allowed to a new chance.

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