Days after his birth, he was left: Now he’s already 33 and his life has fundamentally changed


A guy named Jono was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome. It is a rare genetic disease. Even in the uterus, the child’s face bones stopped growing. As a result, he lacks cheekbones and his eyes are downcast.

This disease impairs listening and makes consuming difficult for those who suffer from it. However, a person’s intelligence is not harmed in any way.

Two days after his parents abandoned him, the baby was placed in an orphanage. However, he was quickly adopted by a woman named Jean Lancaster.

He didn’t feel any different as a result of the warmth and love this woman showed him. He was different from his peers, as you may have suspected, and this made school difficult for him.

His peers ignored him, even trying to flee, as they were afraid of contracting a deadly illness from him. He kept it all from his mom, however, out of regard for her personal rights.

He left at the age of 19 to work in a bar. He did admit to chewing before leaving for work that he encountered both cordial and compassionate people, as well as some who were harsh to him.

He began participating in sports. He currently works as an instructor at a gym. He quickly earned the majority’s mercy.

He had his first love right here. He is now working to help autistic people while also researching and disseminating information about Treacher Collins syndrome.

Doctors have respectfully refused Jono’s requirements for their services on multiple occasions, simply saying that he is content with his appearance and that God created him that way.

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