Physicians devide the heads of those one-year-old baby girls three years ago and now they are happy


In July 2016, Erin and Abby Delaney have been born as twin sisters. While this ought to have been a joyful time for the family members, it rather prompted them anxiety.

The baby girls, weighing 900 grams each, were born ten weeks soon. The most heartbreaking part was that they suffered from a pieced brain and no diagnosis from the doctors.

The parents, on the other hand, did not even think about resigning. Instead, they banded together again and resolved to do all in their strength to assist their daughters, even if that involves getting the most despairing chances.

The physician picked the most tough surgery when Erin and Abby were 11 months old, but they made no guarantees as there was a very real risk that one of them would die.

During the 11-hour operation, the children were divided, but both managed to live. The girls are now almost four years old. They are happy.

“I am grateful of our youth.” They are real heroes and fantastic people. They had to go through such extensive testing, but all of them made it, according to the girls’ mom, Heather Delaney.

The physicians were pleased with the process, and because they monitor the girls’ progress and development, they believe that similar successful operations will be conducted in the coming years.

By the way, this was the very first time in medical history that Siamese twins were separated at such a young age.Erin’s skull was not as badly damaged, so she recovered faster than Abby, who was in danger.

Before the procedure, doctors informed parents of the risks. Gregory Hoyer, a doctor, oversaw the entire separation procedure. To stretch the skin on the babies’ heads, doctors inserted special balls into their skulls.

“I’ll admit that we were concerned about something. “But we made a real effort to repress these emotions so we were able to continue operating on the kids regardless,” Dr. Hoyer explained.

Following the procedure, the infants were placed in an induced coma to allow their bodies to recover from the strain.
Both girls are currently experiencing therapy to fix brain functions that did not grow when they were partnered.

Obviously, the sisters anticipate treatments in the coming years to repair their lost bones and reestablish their heads.

Erin and Abby are grateful to the doctors for letting their children to grow up next to them, and they truly hope that they have the joyful and excellent life that they deserve after surviving such adversity.

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