See what the Miss Universe of 1965 contest winner looks like nowadays: What do you think has she maintained her attractiveness?


Meet Apasra Khongsakula who is the name of a stunning Thai lady who represented her nation by winning a significant beauty pageant. In the late 1960s, the Miss World closing pageant became one of the most notable cultural activities on a worldwide scale.

Apasra, who was 18 years old, emerged as the winner in her uni’s contest and was named “Miss Thailand” by a state jury.

The Thai charm was one of 57 nations trained to compete in the final after moving a special choice. It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to travel the world, and the princess herself worked as the woman’s instructor in during planning process.

Her taste and real queen etiquette impressed the jury. Apasra’s small stature (164 cm) and bad English did not deter her from achieving a worthy victory.

A young Asian lady  with an authentic giggle managed to win not only specialists, but also the worldwide community, who could watch the contest on tv and read about it in press.

The modest teenager came back to her country of birth with the crown of the primary beauty, and her unexpected triumph marked a turning point in Thailad’s destiny. She still needed to find her cherished one.

Apasra was appointed Thailand’s cultural diplomat and became a member of the country’s social and political elite.

High ranking officials, wealthy individuals, and famous people all vied for her hand, but she chose a honorable heir to the throne who was a descendant of the current queen.

This marriage, however, failed. After the future king was born, the marriage ended. Aspara’s new family attempt contributed in another son.

But this time, I had to endure divorce process again. Short comings did not discourage the young woman from seeking and progressing her career. She remains a member of the monarchy and has a thriving business.

Apasra, who now is 74 years old,  is the vivacious and charming holder of Raymond Weil Watches and a greater spa in Bangkonk.

Despite possessing the honorable mention of grandma to mature grandchildren, she kept her unparalleled charm.

It’s challenging to believe that this modern woman and the 55-year-old lady in the black-and-white picture are the same woman.

Since then, the Thai model’s way of life has not yet modified much. She keeps spending money on cosmetic procedures and gym sessions.

Miss Universe’s gorgeous smirk is her only reaction to uneducated worries about plastic procedures. In his society, the degree of physiological modification of doctors signifies popularity and a prestigious social status.

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