Meet Niki Weber who shed 165 pounds in one year and a half: Get acquainted with her method!


Although Niki Webber is only 33 years old, she has been overweight since she was a teenager and ate sweets and sandwiches without thinking about the consequences.

The woman tried everything from strict diets to hunger strikes when she realized she needed to lose weight after getting married.She collapsed several times and fled for oily, delicious meals.

She also realized that she needed to make some changes to her life as soon as she reached 290 kilograms. During this time, Nicky was unable to get into and out of bed without assistance.

After that, she went to her own guardians, who didn’t think her daughter had a serious “condition” and didn’t try to get her to be healthy.

Additionally, they developed a unique device that enabled them to reach her on the top floor.She was greatly helped by Nicky’s participation in an odd television show.

The purpose of the television show is to help obese people lose weight.A young woman who had surgery to reduce her stomach’s size was advised to follow a very strict diet by nutritionists.

The woman kept her composure, faced her concerns, and lost 95 pounds in a year after the surgery.After the operation, Niki lost 170 kilograms and had a second procedure to remove up to 30 kilograms of extra skin.

The woman intends to maintain her current weight of 85 kilograms;Every day, she runs four to six kilometers.

Nicky does not get the chance until she realizes that she has overcome and transformed into a fashionable girl with a normal life.

In the gym, Nicky met her future husband Mark, and the two immediately clicked.He proposed to her after some time.

Nikki expresses gratitude to those who were able to assist her on her path to perfection and is almost entirely aware of the mistake she is currently close to making in her life.

She holds the belief that an individual is accountable for comprehending and promptly rectifying his or her own errors.

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