The jury says in reply to this nineteen-year-old’s voice, “You start singing and you’re on fire.”


In every way, she is unquestionably a rising star;She stands out in every way.You can tell Cruz is good because her TikTok videos have received 47.5 million views.

She performs well-known songs like “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley, which has been viewed more than 23 million times.She was on her way to Home Depot to look for work when she decided to follow her heart instead.

Cruz made the statement, “I want to sing.”I don’t want to try if I don’t trust myself.I want to motivate people and convey the message that being one’s authentic self suffices.I am not required to conform to industry standards.

She picked the song “I See Red” by Everybody Loves an Outlaw, which fit her style.The teenager’s tone and degree of force were not anticipated by any of the four judges.

David Arquette, Ellen Pompeo from Grey’s Anatomy, and West Side Story’s Arian DeBose are among her famous admirers.Cruz is well-known on the internet, but she wants more!

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