All of you will be amazed by this 85-year-old dancer… The jury on Britain’s „Got Talent“ are wordless


Sarah and her dance partner Nico performed in the United Kingdom for the 1st time in their lives, and the only person who saw it was the adorable grandmother.

Paddy had been dancing since he was just two and a half years old, and she had started taking flamenco and acrobatics classes after her spouce had died, both of which they were unaware of.

As the senior dancer led Paddy and Nico around the stage, Alesha stood there and observed as they opened wide their mouths.During their stunning turn, Amanda Dixon simultaneously burst into laughter at the couple.

After achieving every visual success, the dancing grandmother, according to Simon Cowell, appeared to declare, „I still have it,“ as she stared at the entire audience.

David, like the other judges, was surprised to be left alone with a senior member who was wildly laughing and shouting.The judges and the audience could only clap loudly after the duo performed.

You won’t believe this dancer, who is 85 years old.On Britain’s Got Talent, the judges are speechless.You only get a standing ovation once from the jury.

Paddy’s performance demonstrates, throughout, that he is more than just a good dancer.Due to his abilities and movements, he holds the Guinness Book of World Records title of „Oldest Acrobatic Salsa Dancer.“

Below is a clip of all of Paddy and Nico’s performances.The listeners and jury of British Got Talent have continually been impressed by the legendary dancing couple.

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