This six year old little boy astounds the jury on “Got Talent” with his dancing moves


As this young boy from the “Acquire Talent” round came to the stage, the jury sat and watched closely.When he began dancing, they were totally taken by his performance.

Mario, won over every student to the “Got Talent” competition with his brave and precise dancing.He not only did the traditional Spanish dance, but he also did an eagerly awaited hiphop routine for the jury members.

The drama started after the dance when three of jury whispered to Mario that Risto had voted no for him. He became annoyed and yelled out.

When Risto came up to boy to tell him that he was too young to take part in such a contest, Mario started crying, but he stopped.After that, Mario made the claim that he knew everything fully.

Risto finally changed his vote after realizing that Mario would still get three votes to move on to the next round.He wanted to give Mario a shirt that said, “Yes Risto,” as a gesture of help.

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