After his wife’s death, her husband shares her heartbreaking goodbye message on the internet


You are receiving a letter from Heather McManamy from across the globe.This wonderful mother was told she had breast cancer in 2013.She recently passed away at the age of 36.

But first, she gave her husband Jeff a letter to post on her Facebook page, which he did. Heather asks that her daughter be told about her love from beyond the veil, and that stories about how cool she is may be slightly exaggerated.

But most crucially, Heather courages us to take advantage of life’s fleeting journeys and to have fun during each day.I am releasing this for the love of my life.She stated the following.Best wishes to you all.

I have good news as well as bad news for you.The sad news is that it’s clear that I’m no longer here.The good news is that you are not one of them if you are reading this.This is, indeed, a problem.

Though it hurts beyond words, I’m just glad I had such a wonderful life filled with love, happiness, and adorable friends.I am fortunate to have no regrets and to have lived life to the best way possible.

I adore each of you and am thankful for this amazing life.I’m glad you practice whatever religion brings you peace.Please remember that we do not practice religion.

Don’t tell Brianna that I passed away and went to heaven, please.In her eyes, that suggests that I abandoned her and chose to be somewhere else.

In fact, I did everything in my power to be here with her because I would rather be with her and Jeff than anywhere else.Please avoid confusing her by allowing her to believe falsehoods.In the end, I am not in heaven.

I am here now.But not in the vile flesh that had reacted negatively toward me.You have my vitality, my love, my laughter, and those priceless memories.

Please do not view me with sympathy or sorrow.Smile knowing that we had a wonderful time and will never forget the experience.I detest making others cry.

Instead of making bad and sad memories have fun, make people laugh and dream and be happy. Please tell stories to Brianna so she knows how much I adore and admire her.

Because being her mother is the only thing that makes me happy.Nothing.Before she came into our lives, I had no idea how happy I would be every time I got to spend time with her.

Also, don’t say that I died of cancer.despite the fact that cancer took almost all of my possessions, it did not take my love, hope, or pleasure.

Most importantly, I was fortunate enough to spend nearly a decade with Jeff, my lifelong love and best friend.True love and soulmates are real things.Every day with Jeff by my side was filled with laughter and happiness.

Without a doubt, he is the best partner on the planet.He never wavered, even when so many people wanted to flee because of my illness.

Even on the darkest days you could possibly imagine, we were able to laugh together.I really believe that a devotion like that can last forever and that I adore him more than life itself.

I am extremely fortunate to have shared my life with Jeff for such a long time, as time is the most valuable commodity in the entire world.I adore you, Jeff.

My opinion is that Brianna is amazing because she brings our love to life, which is quite lovely.My entire heart breaks to have to say bye.

Because the last thing I want to do is make you sad, it hurts my heart even more if it’s even half as bad for you as it is for me.

We had an amazing life together, and I hope that as time goes on, you’ll think of me and smile and laugh about it.

The fact remains that I’ll always be by your side and can be found by searching for “Physicist’s Eulogy” on Google.

I’m sure I’ll be there if you stop and look hard enough.I value each moment with you because you are my world and my sunshine.

Friends, I adore each and every one of you and am thankful for the most awe-inspiring life I have ever known.Also, thank you to all of my wonderful doctors and nurses who have taken such good care of me.

My team did everything in their power to make my day as pleasant as possible, I have no doubt.I wish all of my friends a long and healthy life from the bottom of my heart, and I hope you will appreciate each day as much as I did.

If you attend my funeral, please rack up a bar bill that would make me proud. Dance on the bar for me while you play “Keg on My Coffin” on the stereo.Because you know that’s what I want, throw a wild party to celebrate life’s beauty.

I also believe, in a strange way, that I will be there as well. This is more of a see you later than a goodbye because I am eager to haunt each of you.

Please do me a favor and spend a few minutes each day focusing on the delicate adventure that is this insane life.Keep in mind that each day matters.

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