When the restaurants manger notices a lonely 97-year-old man who was a war veteran, he truly wants to add something special to his meal


Each and every day 97-years-old war veteran orders the one and same dish at the neighborhood restaurante .The employees of the restaurant never fail to notice the meat-lover coming in for his “common” order.

Doug, the veteran, was introduced to the staff, as they got interested in him they wanted to learn more about him.

They did something so original that it touched the hearts of the nation after learning more about this military hero and hearing his story.

Doug, who is 97-years-old and the veteran of WW2, knows what he loves doing.He orders his “normal” food every single day…

Because he has become such a regular at the Arizona restaurant, some of the staff wanted to know more about him.

Taking a break from their hectic schedules, workers sat down with Doug to asked him some special questions:”All they wanted to know was why he kept visiting them.

Doug answered with a sentence that said the workers how short is life and how crucial it is to to be grateful for everything we have – as we can lose it tomorrow – despite the workers’ were waiting for a humorous reply, such as how Arby’s knows how to get meat that he adores.

The he said that Chandler Arby’s store was the only place where he could get such food from which his stomach doesn’t hurt. Due to his stomach condition, Doug asks for the same food each time and eats at the same place.

A worker named Travis mentioned, “He has stomach issues.”Sadly, he can only consume this.

Christina , the manager of the restaurante shared the following with Fox; We try to take the door for him as fast as we notice him walking toward them in a walker.

She mentioned that Doug fastly made working at the restaurant a part of his daily routine when she started working there two and a half years ago.

She elaborated, “He’s been through a lot as a veteran, coming in, being in a retirement place, but he doesn’t have relatives.

“The staff wanted to give Doug a gift card as a special gesture in honor of his service to his country during WWII.
They said that he can call always no matter the time.

Another manager stated, “He was stunned, and he didn’t know what to say.

“Because Doug does not have a family support system of his own, the staff gave him their phone and mentioned to him he could ring them any time, during day or night.

They would even deliver his beloved food to his door if he was unable to make it to the restaurant. However, the manager has now made Doug a deal that he was not able to reject:Doug which was once he uses his gift card he will get forever free meals from the restaurant.

A local eye doctor who stopped by there also gave Doug free glasses and an eye exam.  As he gave his life for America and the world, Doug has been almost forgotten.

However, an Arizona Arby’s restaurant has done what the government ought to have done years ago:incorporated him into their family as a member!

What a thoughtful gesture for this deserving individual who has served his country and is deserving of a free meal.

It’s nice to see this WWII veteran being cared for and fed for free because, in contrast to many others, he earned it.

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