With a huge keyboard, this unique Icelandic horses will handle your e-mails read to know how


The irritating emails that come while you’re on vacation can now be dealt with effectively thanks to Iceland’s innovative solution.What can be done?Relax and unwind as these horses take care for everything.

Envision yourself having a great time on a quiet get-away when your telephone blares with an unwanted business related email.

If you want to evade that, Visit Iceland has your back.A novel service for out-of-office messaging was lately launched.

As part of a tourism marketing campaign, a professional team is hired to write your work e-mails.Horses. Yes, you read that right: horses will really respond to your e-mails.

The team that came up with the idea came up with a huge, fully operational keyboard for this program.The horses just walked over the keyboard to take care of the remaining.

The piece of art of their size was then shown off outside in the stunning Icelandic countryside.Anyone can now try out the magnificent animals’ services for free because it appears that they enjoy working on emails.

You only need to go to Out Horse Your E-mail, select a horse, and that’s it. People who want to have rest and let go of work can choose from three horses that will take care of their emails.

However, the Icelandic Horse is not only distinguished by this feature.It is one of the purest and oldest breeds in the world, having arrived in the country over a thousand years ago from the Vikings.

Under Icelandic law, it is illegal to import additional horses into Iceland and to bring back exported horses. Moreover, the Icelandic horses are the only ones in the whole world with 5 gaits, whereas another breeds can only perform 3 or 4.

This makes the Icelandic horse the most powerful of all horse breeds.Their most well-known gait is Tolt, a distinctive lateral gait with four beats that is both comfortable and quick.

So it’s not surprising that they got the job.It’s as if these talented horses were bred specifically for this!

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