First time in his life, a 6.5-foot-tall newborn giraffe learns how to run out of his cage


The whole Chester Zoo keepers cheered when the baby giraffe was birthed. Murchison, in contrast, was a quiet and wary young man.

The zoo officials opened the canopy door to allow Murchison to go for a stroll outside while they cleaned their childcare.

Despite being 6.5 feet tall, the small one could not collect his power and explore new land. But when he noticed his mom roaming about outside their fence, he couldn’t stay.

He mustered all of his courage and decided to pursue his mom. His wish to follow his mom was most likely stronger than his apprehension about trying something new.

He went around the zoo swinging his legs, making the zookeepers joyful. The group was eased to discover that the tiny giraffe had escaped from the chamber.

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