After her dad dies, an officer brings an 8-year-old girl to a fun evening that school has organized for her


In Arkansas, a thoughtful school resource officer escorted a young girl to the father-daughter dance because he wanted to make sure she didn’t miss it.The little girl was delighted by the delightful surprise!

After Cpl.Nick Harvey, the primary school resource officer for the Van Buren District, decided to take action when he learned that second-grader Avey Cox would not be able to attend the father-daughter dance because her father had passed away.

He and the other resource officers offered to take any children to the event without fathers.In his case, he intervened on behalf of eight-year-old Avey. The girl’s mother gave her consent when Officer Harvey first approached her.

The police officer told KFSM, “I contacted the mom, and she indicated that was acceptable.” The little girl was thrilled that she would not miss the dance.

Because a second-grader rejecting me was the last thing I wanted to happen.I then discussed it with her mother, and the following day, I asked her to be my date to the father-daughter dance.

Harvey, a father of three, drove his patrol car to the second-grade student’s location on the big day.He even paired Avey’s outfit with his own.

He did his best to ensure that the 8-year-old had a memorable night, despite the fact that he admitted that he is not a great dancer.She carried out exactly that!

The young lady elaborated, “I was excited because I had never gone before, and it would be my first time, and I had been hoping to go.”

I was able to see all of my friends there, which meant a lot to me, and then I got to go with him and have a great day.

Harvey commented on Facebook, “I am very blessed to have been placed in a situation where I get to enjoy times like these.” He expressed pride in being able to assist Avey and be present with her during this ordeal.

I was privileged to accompany Avey, a remarkable and beautiful young girl, to the Daddy-Daughter Dance.There are many reasons why I enjoy my job.Nevertheless, for reasons like these, my position is the most suitable one for me.

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