This 12-year-old boy rescued four kids from a house in fire


At noon, the dacha site was hit by fire.Oleg, 12, was out playing when he saw thick smoke. «When I ascended the slide, the entire roof was on fire.I made my way to the house by climbing through a gap in the fence.

Then, when the children came knocking, I broke the window.Because the door was on fire, I put off my jacket and put it in the snow before starting to lead the children through the window 1 at a time.

Naked was one child.I quickly found him pants.A man came up and helped me save the fourth one as I went to get it.The boy stated, „I wasn’t scared; I just had adrenaline.“

The schoolboy claims that he and the man moved the gas roller, frozen due to snow the house, to another location.

The parents came right after the firefighters did.The 4 children, who’s ages went from age to 4 to 8, hospitalization was not needed.

«At the scene, there were 4 pieces of equipment, 17 firefighters, and other city emergency services.Two gas rollers were removed from the house in fire by firefighters.

At 12:07 a.m., firefighters ended the blaze, preventing it from spreading to the villas nearby.The fire was put out at 12.28, as to the Department of Emergency’s press office.

The faulty operation of the furnace heating is thought to have been the cause of the fire.

We are extremely grateful to Oleg’s parents for raising him to be brave and caring.Four children’s lives were rescued as a result of his proactive actions.

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