This british couple has unique twin girls, which happens only once in a lifetime


Harper and Quinn are the two beautiful daughters that Nicole and Todd Bailey, of Sheffield, United Kingdom, are raising.They’re siblings.However, they are vastly distinct.

This is because Harper is a unique infant who suffers from Down syndrome.This genetic condition affects one in a million babies, according to experts.

While the baby was still in the womb, doctors were unable to diagnose the condition.When Harper was born, everything became crystal clear.Her sister Quinn was born 38 minutes later, and she was born first.

Specialists apologized to the family after the birth for not noticing the disorder sooner.However, Harper’s illness was not a problem for the couple.Furthermore, they place no blame on the specialists.

Nicola does not love her newborn daughter.The lovely daughters‘ mother is certain that they cannot be compared.Despite being siblings, they are very different.

Sadly, the girl has more issues than just the genetic disorder.She was born with a heart defect, and she will have complex surgery when she is six.

An older brother who is extremely fond of his sisters lives with the girls.He is waiting for the girls to mature enough to play with him in games.

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