«Buddy, I won’t ever give up on you»: an old man took in a street pup and found joy


Last April was cloudy and windy. On a wet and windy day, a dog popped up in our yard. The little one was abandoned in the garden in a box. He was drenched in sweat and shivering from the cold.

I felt bad for the young guy, but all I did was feed him something. My daughter and 4-month-old grandson came to see me. And the strange dog wasn’t the greatest neighbor.

An old neighbor offered to take the canine and established a warm spot for him in the stables for us. We accepted with the neighbor that the pup would spend one week with him.

Then we’d drive into city and take the dog to the shelter. We returned a week later to retrieve the pooch, but the guy refused to return him. The sad pensioner became so attached to the dog during this time that he chose to keep it.

Such a change in circumstances made me very pleased. The pooch now has a roof, and our neighbor is no longer alone. The elderly gentleman and the doggy quickly became best buds. Dick was the name of the dog.

Soon after, a strong puppy kennel the size of a pair of adult dogs showed up in a neighbor’s backyard.Dick replied to his owner’s care with selfless love. The pensioner was always followed by his dog.

They strolled together into the store. Dick always would sit on the veranda, glancing at the door as if he hadn’t seen his favorite person in a long period of time, waiting for the guy to complete his purchasing.

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