Mother dog was begging for help as she was exhausted and couldn’t look after her babies


This poor dog requested assistance for herself and her puppies as she was too vulnerable to feed them. This pet’s mom gave birth to 3 pups.

The pups were weeping and begging for assistance because they were hungry. They were starving. And their mother was sobbing from powerlessness and incapability to act.

They appeared tired. Since birth, the puppies had been undernourished. The mother lacked dairy to feed her pooches. The woman noticed them and took them to the veterinarian.

One of dogs was sick, while the other 2 were fine. The dog was regarded here. She and her pups were adequately looked after and fed for.

The dog felt stronger after two months at the sanctuary and was capable of caring for her pups. She could finally feed her dogs. She has even gained weight and is becoming more beautiful and spiritually strong by the day!

Luckily, a home was found who could accept her and her pups. They now live together with a full stomach and, most notably, happiness!

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