To continue living in a home with kitties, the parrot learned to «talk» like them


Nobody is surprised that some birds as parrots can communicate. However, additionally to personal speech, this species of bird can flawlessly learn animal „languages.“

From early life, this parrot has lived in a home with many kittens. What options does he have? He needed to study.

He paid close attention to the sounds. He first learned to meow. But he eventually started hissing and growl as a kitten.

And this is when the cockatoo decided to show off his abilities to the kitties. It transformed out that parrot had mastered the „foreign language.“

According to the moustaches‘ reactions, they were taken aback when they heard the cockatoo meowing and hissing.

The holder of the bird videotaped it and uploaded it to the Internet. «The parrot is a linguist», «Even kitties do not meow as innately as he does»,

«This parrot fully knows that in the event of threat, it is feasible to hiss at kitties, adopting a threatening posture for protection» That is incredible!

This truly „knows their language,“ which is not restricted to meowing, according to commentators.
Furthermore, the bird embraced not only the „language,“ but also cat behavior.

Some wrote, „He also shakes off pseudo-fleas like a kitten.“ To rephrase a famous saying, living with kitties is like meowing like a feline.

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