Can you guess how old is the tree if its name is Great-Grandfather, maybe it will be considered the oldest tree


You may have heard of the tree that was discovered as well known as Great Grandfather which is regarded as one of the eldest trees.

The coniferous one, may be as old as 5,484 years, which is more than 600 years aged than the former competitor, per to Jonathan, a scientist that is employed at a laboratory in Paris.

This tree, found in Argentina and Chile, is a one that belongs to the same family as huge redwoods.Barichivich got an example from his granddad, but the drill he used couldn’t get to the core.

After that, he used some technical models to understand the tree’s actual age, considering both unusual shiftings and the environment.

Barichivich has not yet accomplished an estimate of the tree’s age in a specialized journal due to his inability to count the tree’s full years.However, he has stated that he intends to make amends in a few months.

If the discovery is accepted, Methuselah is 600 years younger than this tree in California, which is thought to be the eldest and is 4,853-years-old.

In National Park in Spain, where the Great Grandpa lives, several greens grow in the cracks.The weather there is humid and cold.

Regarding Barichivich, the park turists can stroll on its base have a negative impact on the tree.

In fact, the 93% of this area are covered with pine and eucalyptus.So, such trees can only thrive with person assistance.

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