This is Wallace, a sweet doggy, who has an adorable heart-shaped nose, and a wonderful heart to hug all the pups he sees


Get to know this benevolent dog who is so wonderful.Meet Wallace one of the most playful, energetic and cute dogs that you have ever met. He is so lovable that he was born with an amazing heart-shaped mark on his nose!

In addition, he enjoys showing his love and positive energy to anyone he meets.The most adorable doggy asks his handler to stop whenever they see another pup when he walks with Noah Raminick, his beloved father.

So that he can give them a big, loving hug.He actually overjoys and feels himself so cheerful when he sees other pups who are like him. He rushes to hug them to show how happy he is.

As if his adorableness weren’t enough, Wallace has a heart-shaped mark on his nose, which begs the question, “How can a little pup have such a heart filled with love and emotions?”

His owner is overjoyed to have such a lovable and happy companion.Wallace is so cute because he is so amiable and playful.Remineck enjoys taking a walk with his dog and watching him play with other dogs.

Wallace, as the man claims, brings happiness and love wherever he goes.He just gets up to hug the new puppy as tightly as he can with his tiny paws, no matter how big or small it is.

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