This man was dying on the laundry room floor luckily he got saved by Gibson his dog.


In November Björn was cleaning his ATV in his garage in Okelbo. Björn had an unexpected sense of disorientation while doing his work on the project.The right side of his body was all numb and dizzy.

Björn stumbled back toward the home after letting the work down.«You had to go through the laundry room to get into the house from the garage.I never got any further than that, either.

The man remembered, “I was on the floor, in laundry room.”The right part of his body was paralyzed.He couldn’t call for help because he didn’t have his cell phone with him.

Thankfully, the family has dog, Gibson.And Gibson understood something was not okay when he noticed the owner on the floor.Gibson began to frantically bark and run all around the house.

Emilie, his daughter, was sleeping on the 2nd floor.She went downstairs to investigate Gibson’s loud barking when she awoke to it.nAfter that, Gibson began to run erratically and bark incessantly.

The pup moved in the direction of the laundry room.He just wanted to demonstrate something to Emily.Her father was lying on the floor when she followed him.”I was shocked to my core.

I spoke to Dad, who was conscious but did not respond.She told the Swedish newspaper that all he could do was nod.

She called 911 immediately, and within 20 minutes, an ambulance was waiting outside the family home.Bjorn was brought to the clinic, where he was given the news that he had had a stroke.

The situation posed a threat to life.Additionally, if he had remained on the ground for a significant amount of time, it’s probable that he wouldn’t have survived.

But Bjorn got through.He was permitted to return home after a stay of three months in the rehabilitation unit.Even though his life is rescued, he is still on sick leave and has trouble moving his right arm.

And Gibson is to blame for everything.He stated, “It rescued my life that Gibson saw me there and began barking.”

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