His pure eyes were seeking help, for how long has he been out starving is unknown


The photos very well convey the cat’s current state.In such a scenario, there is no need to consider finding a family.Even if we did arrive on time and find the cat alive, we couldn’t be sure.

We started making an appointment with the veterinarian as soon as we agreed on a meeting during which we had to pick up the cat.It turned out that the photos did not accurately depict the situation.

In fact, the cat appeared worse than we had anticipated.His gaze showed clearly a cry for assistance.The cat developed dystrophy and dehydration as a result, although I have no idea how long he was without food or water.

I wanted to wash the cat when I brought it home, but I didn’t know how.It was scary to even touch the cat because he was so small.Additionally, every muscle was clearly aching.

The cat had not eaten in such a long time that he screamed so loudly at the sight of boiled chicken that it appeared as though he would collapse from exhaustion.

They were confident that they would administer IVs to the cat and conduct examinations when they brought it to the clinic.

The tests failed due to the absence of a suitable vein on the animal’s body.

The body of the cat lacks both muscle and fat.He literally moves like a skeleton.The cat’s body began to literally eat itself because there was no food available.

After advising the cat to gain weight, the veterinarian also advised treatment for parasites and droppers as soon as the veins reached the animal’s body.

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