Miraculously found dog. For saving him, people dragged him from the field on themselves


A pregnant dog settled down in the middle of a field near a residential area and soon gave birth to two children.She was discovered by three women who frequently walked their dogs in these locations.

The stray dog appeared awful.She was too thin to be real.However, her two puppies were overweight toddlers.In the middle of the field, it’s not clear what the mother could possibly eat.

The foundlings’ patronage was taken over by the women.They brought a table from the city, laid an old blanket on top, and covered it with oilcloth.

As a result, mom and the children had a warm home where they could hide from the rain.The women brought food and water to the wards every day.

The mother dog began to gather around her rescuers more and more after a while.The mongrel was running around the field with the women’s pets having fun playing with him.

The adult dogs began to show interest in the puppies over time, and they treated them well. The women once went to see their sponsored pets, but nobody came out of the house to greet them.

They referred to Mom as the dog.But nothing worked.On the blanket, the guardians noticed a dark spot.It appears that the pet vomited.

However, their ward emerged from the weeds at that point.She emerged swaying from side to side in an odd manner.

The dog’s side had a significant cut, and the muzzle appeared to be swollen, according to one of the women.She needed to be taken right away to the doctor.

They contacted a volunteer, who informed them that he would not be able to accompany the cage until lunch.There was no room for error.

As a result, they made the decision to blanket-drag the dog across the field.After that, load it into the vehicle and drive it to the clinic. However, it turned out to be far from straightforward.

The dog weighed a lot.Walking together down the narrow path was uncomfortable.Consequently, even after half an hour, the victims could barely be carried to the highway by the women.

Throughout this time, the injured dog did his best to endure and never even squeaked. They notified one of the women’s husbands to come and retrieve the dog from the field.

The victim’s temperature was immediately measured, an anesthetic was injected, the wound was treated, and antibiotics were prescribed in the veterinarian’s office.It turned out that the dog was a good girl.

She quietly went through each procedure.She was then taken home by one of the women.A volunteer girl paid the victim a visit in the evening.She took the dog to a different clinic because she was unhappy with the dog’s condition.

A decision was made to carry out an operation there.However, the surgeon was full.As a result, they offered to keep the dog overnight in order to carry out surgery the next day.

We are confident that the pet will be fine because she is in the care of professionals.

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