Such an ugly cat cannot live at my home, the kids are terrified of her. Be grateful I didn’t put it to sleep.


The woman demanded that the shelter remove the cat when she brought it in.

She claimed that the cat was extremely unpleasant and even scared the children because of its appearance to support her decision not to accept the animal.The cat’s eye infection could be seen right away.

However, the cause remained a mystery.The reason the animal was able to frighten people so much was also a mystery. The owner claims that the disease broke out without warning.

The woman spoke in a brazen and extremely loud manner.She yelled at the workers at the shelter, who were baffled by her decision to surrender her cat when she could just treat the infection.

The owner suggested that the volunteers should be glad she had brought the cat to them rather than immediately putting it to sleep, but she was not going to treat anyone.

Candy has been living at the shelter ever since that day.The cat is lovable and approachable.She wants to be near people and enjoys being stroked.Despite her tearful eyes, the cat’s stunning beauty was hidden from view.

Although the infection has subsided, it is unclear whether it has affected her vision. We are hopeful that our cat will find a family that will cherish her for more than just her appearance.

We were told that Candy became everyone’s favorite as soon as she entered the house.

The adults purchased the cat in order to demonstrate to the children what it meant to be responsible.I’m curious about how the children viewed the situation as an example.

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