This poor old dog was walking and wasn’t touching anyone, unexpectedly «pop» and he fell on the snow


The elderly pup had wandered the streets for most of his existance.He lately discovered a spot where he spent the majority of his time.

The pooch heard a “pop” as he went to hide, and then he just plopped down on the snow-covered street.The girl phoned later in the evening.

Her voice made it clear that she was very excited.Because the pup was suffering from the man and would otherwise die, the girl requested to assist the dog.

“The pup’s name is Jack, and since the mornineg he hasn’t gotten up,” the caller told us.His body had a wound that we noticed.It appears as though he was shot, and the bullet mark is there.

Who is he bothering so much, I don’t know?Not too long ago, the dog made its way into the village.He is purebred.He probably got lost, but nobody cared about him.

Jack was living under a balcony where he was walking in the morning and there was a pop, and then the dog just fell. The dog is old; perhaps he was kicked out of the home. I and my neighbor just shielded him.

It’s brisk outside.We began looking for someone to assist us.We contacted several nearby clinics because the village does not have a veterinarian.

A doctor told us to give the dog pills, and the other gave us your phone number.We made our minds to call you before it was too late because the pills weren’t helping.»

The girl and her friend brought Jack closer to midnight.It turned out that the dog was a large hound that was unable to stand on its hind legs.The veterinarian later explained the cause.

We only made it to the doctor the following morning.The veterinarian informed the patient that he would need to go to the hospital without even looking at the dog.

Air gunshot wounds, bite marks, and a fractured hip were all evident on the X-ray.Numerous neoplasms were also visible to the doctors in the image.

Jack acted apathetically throughout the examination.He clearly had had enough of such a life.despite the fact that waiting for the test results is necessary.

They determine whether the dog will undergo surgery and whether he will be spared suffering.

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