A mommy bear bathes kids in a California lake during a sunny summer day


A group of bears swimming with swimmers is probably the last thing anyone expects when attending the lake in the summer heat.

That’s precisely what occurred to Norma Alvarez and dozens of other citizens on Lake Tahoe’s beach in California.

When the swimmers saw a bear and her two cute children — swimming into the water to cool off in the center of a hot day, they could not really believe their eyes.

It was a warm summer day, and the beach was crowded, when some uninvited guests made the decision to splash around.

The young kids seemed ecstatic to be playing in the water, and making judgments by their actions, it was not the first time they’d done so.

Obviously, they were unconcerned by all the interested minds filming the delightful scene that was unfolding in front of them.

Within a few mins of splattering, the bear pulled two cubs from the water.A quick walk along the beach accompanied before returning to the woods, as if nothing occurred and nobody was around.

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