After surgery this amazing labrador tightly hugs his owner


Animals are an important piece of our lives. Even the idea of losing them one day bothers us. When an animal keeper learns that his pup requires operation, he is bound to experience anxiety and stress.

This is precisely what occurred to the man who discovered his pup had a lump on his neck. And he required an emergency surgery.

Soulful photographs caught the pup’s emotional reunion with his handler following the operation. The man never left the clinic during the surgery. He was counting down the minutes until his best friend returned to him.

When the procedure was effective, both the dog and the holder shed tears. His dog, who had stitches on his neck, cuddled him and wouldn’t let go. A guy and a dog continue to kiss.

The dad simply can not help but hug his dog now that he’s returned. This is an exciting exchange between a man and his close buddy. Jack Daniel, a labrador, had to have an operation to remove a lump from his neck.

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