Greenpeace confused an albino bear with a polar and sent it to the North Pole


A grizzly bear titled “ Joy was noticed fishing by the river by a team of conservationists. Joy was a white person.

He was mistaken for a polar bear and was moved to the North Pole. The bear went out to the polar explorers after awakening in the ice.

Joy was a resident of a Canadian wildlife sanctuary. Local zoologists knew him well because he was the only albino in the region for many kms. As a result, his absence was immediately realised. They went searching for the bear.

Joy had already opened his eyes at the North Pole at that point. It’s difficult to picture what a bear would have assumed.

After all, he was fishing in a woods stream just a couple of minutes ago, and now there’s snow on the ground!

Joy began to wander about. He eventually went to the polar explorers‘ bottom. It was quickly decided that it wasn’t a polar bear by experts. They checked his file and discovered the lacking albino’s data.

The touring bear was cautiously apprehended and helicoptered back to Canada. When Joy awoke from her flight, she ran further into the forest, dug a den, and went into hibernation.

Only a couple of months later were the perpetrators of the event revealed. Greenpeace’s regional branch was in control of travel, it turned out.

They couldn’t tell the difference between an albino and a polar bear, which led to confusion.

National Park explorers have placed a number of warning signs near Joy’s habitat. Each one bears only one phrase:

«This is an albino! He lives right here!» Joy’s health was not adversely affected by the flights. However, he now tries to avoid humans.

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