Kindhearted photographer rescued a dying bear cub putting his life and freedom at risk


Photographer Orey Hancock was walking across a forest trail in search of motivation. He became aware of an odd black spot on the greenery in the distance.

On closer examination, it was discovered to be a small bear cub. Hancock remembers: „He was resting on his back and appeared to be dead.“ His lips were blue, and his eyes were opened but not moving.

It was rainy, and he was drenched. But I did notice breathing. I considered my young son, who remained at home. The bear cub resembled a child. I couldn’t leave him to perish in the rain. I felt compelled to act.»

The photographer then grabbed the bear in his arms and dashed to his car. «I was running because I was afraid an angry bear would appear at any moment.»

Mothers frequently leave their children to find food. However, after a while of watching, Corey noticed there was no other bear near the area.

The bear fell unconscious as early as Hancock reached the vehicle. The photographer then offered the animal rescue breaths, bringing it back to life.

The bear was then taken to the veterinarian where it is now rehabbing and growing stronger by the day. The hungry bear cub was severely malnourished and tired.

Cory Hancock could face a $6,000 fine for a year in prison for assisting a bear, as per Oregon fishing and wildlife regulations. There have been numerous cases of cub „rescue“ in Oregon.

People take their offspring away from the mother bears in the mistaken belief that they are saving the cubs, but the bear has simply gone in search of food for a few hours.

As a result, people interfer in the wild. Fortunately, no punishment was imposed in this case.

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