The hospital’s friendly staff let the dying woman say goodbye to her beloved pup and horse


Bidding farewell is really difficult, particularly when it involves closest mates. Jan Holman adores animals. She had to abandon the animals she adored due to a fatal disease.

Her family consists of two spaniels and a horse named Bob, who have been a member of her life for many years.

The British woman was transferred from the clinic to Nursing facility.Six weeks had passed since she had seen a horse and two dogs. She may even believe she will never see them once more.

Employees at the hospice discovered how significant animals are to Jan. As a result, they planned a big surprise for her. Two pups were carried to see her and say their goodbyes.

Bob was the very last thing the woman anticipated to see. It came as a complete surprise to her. Small animals, such as cats and dogs, sometimes are permitted inside hospitals. A horse, on the other hand, is unbelievable.

Nonetheless, they were successful.The meeting was held on the hospice’s balcony. Jan was the happiest he’d ever been.

Bob was her best – loved horse, and she rode him frequently. She was relieved to see her horse after a 6-week absence.

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