The farmer rescued not quite usual baby kitties on his plot


A farmer once found 4 tiny kitties on the site of an old cattle station while touring the territory of his plot in the Trans-Baikal Territory.

The babies had no recourse at all.Additionally, the man realized that they required rescue.Despite their odd appearance, the kitties were not typical cats.

In order to properly take care of the felines, the farmer turned to authorities of the International Reserve “Dauria” for information.But, experts have confirmed that the foundlings in the reserve are not your typical felines.

It appeared that the they were the manul, or cub, of Pallas’ cat.This Central Asian wild cat is a very unique species.

In order to provide food for the newborns, reserve employees gave the kittens to two common cats, who thankfully accepted them.

The Red Book gives Manul the status of “close to threatened.”Manul hunting is illegal everywhere.Manuls are distinguished from regular cats by having a denser body, strongly short paws, and extremely thick fur.

The kittens had to be released into the wild when they got big enough.

However, the reserve employees were unable to collar their newborns and leave them completely unattended.

Firstly, those who rescued them were visited by the manuls.However, they matured quickly and fully.They are also weaned off of humans.

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