A waitress gives up her meal for this homeless old man and sees her boss hugging him


To pay for her education, Natalie worked two jobs.She worked as a waitress in the afternoon and a janitor at night in addition to attending classes every morning.

After cleaning all night for a disruptive customer who stopped by the hostel where she worked one day, she was exhausted.She had to clean the floor and remove the trash he had left behind.

She wanted to treat herself to a nice meal after that. She went to the cafeteria for lunch after a long day of classes.

She ordered a mouthwatering bowl of pasta because she wanted to save as much money as possible and took advantage of the employee discount.“You’re all set, Natalie.Enjoy!

As she handed her the bowl of pasta, her coworker gave her a wink and said, „I made the portion a little larger for you.“

«Apologies, Mia!I appreciate it, even though you weren’t required to.She attempted to talk but said, „It was a rough night.“ The cafeteria’s doors were opened by a musty elderly man in ripped clothing just as she was about to eat.

The man was met with disgust by other customers, who covered their noses.“This smell is too much!“a woman spoke out loud.“Can I have some food and drinks?“As he approached the counter, the elderly man said.

After going over, the manager shook his head.“Can you afford to buy the food?“He asked the elderly man in jest.
Before the director continued speaking, the elderly man briefly displayed a confused expression.

He stated, „You clearly do not have the money.“Get away from here.Your odor is causing our customers to become disoriented.Natalie was sorry for the elderly man.He appeared weak, as if he hadn’t eaten well in a while.

She came up to him and told him to sit at her table before he could get out of the cafeteria. „Please settle down,“She advised him.She moved her pasta bowl in his direction as the man sat down in front of her.

Natalie said, „You can have my lunch.“As she stood to purchase a water bottle from the counter, she added, „Let me get you a bottle of water.“

As she made her way to the counter, she could see the expression on her manager’s face.“Why are you assisting that odious elderly man?“He pressed her.

I learned from my late grandmother that I should assist the less fortunate whenever I can.Even though this man seems hungry, I won’t die if I don’t eat this plate of pasta.

We won’t know how long it will be before he passes out and gets sick if he doesn’t eat,‘ Natalie said.Natalie observed the man’s hasty consumption of the food.

The owner of the restaurant showed up half way through the meal and asked the manager about the smell. The manager immediately laid the blame on Natalie.“This foul-smelling homeless man entered.

Natalie provided him with lunch, and the man is still there. I attempted to drive him away, but he refused.He offered an explanation, „I’m sorry, sir, I should have chased him away better.“

What transpired next astonished everyone in the restaurant when the proprietor turned to the elderly man.He rushed over to the man and gave him a firm hug.

«Daddy!»He stated, weeping.For weeks, I’ve been looking for you!What have you been doing?He pressed. The manager’s face became pale.Dad?»

He started imagining various scenarios in his head because he was aware that he had committed a terrible error.«I was lost… until I saw that restaurant, which immediately struck me as being recognizable.

I was correct!The older man clarified, „It was your restaurant.“She assisted me, that girl over there.»He emphasized Natalie.Even the manager was trying to get me out, but that girl asked me to sit down and gave me food.»

The proprietor of the restaurant drove his father home so that he could recuperate.He went back to the restaurant after a few hours while Natalie worked her shift.He invited her to his office and expressed gratitude for her actions.

«I have always prayed that God would provide me with employees who are dedicated to their work and compassionate to others, like you.

Even though you had no idea who my father was, I am grateful that you assisted him….He stated, „I’ve decided to promote you to agency manager.“

Because I am aware that you are a student who works, I have increased your pay so that you no longer have to work two jobs.Spend your evenings relaxing.Is that okay?» Now in tears, Natalie.

She was having such a difficult time juggling her two jobs and school, and the chance to quit one without losing money seemed too good to be true.

„Would you really do that for me, sir?,“ he asked.She contacted him.Her boss gave a nod.Yes.I need enough time for you to concentrate on your studies.That can’t be accomplished by working two jobs.

Work your usual shifts here, but as a manager, instead of the other one.You should get it.»Natalie thanked her supervisor for the promotion.

She was able to do well in school and enjoy her job because she had more time for herself. In the meantime, when the former manager was let go, he learned a very hard lesson.

He was told by his boss that he did not meet the company’s requirements for what it meant to be a „good employee.“

He stated, „In this restaurant, we prioritize values above all else.“Everyone is welcome here.You are not deserving of being here if you do not respect that.»

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