Poor dog, who has been chained up for years, has never had the pleasure of sleeping in a soft bed


Stevie, a dog whose owners had left him behind and rejected him, was rescued in the backyard of a house in South Carolina (USA). His situation was very sad.

In the yard, the small dog probably lived for eight years in chains.As a result, he had no idea what love and affection were.

He was taken in by the local shelter.But Stevie’s tragic story immediately piqued the interest of the Diamonds of the Defender in Ruff (New York).

Poor dog had a number of health issues.Stevie had a lot of fleas and maggots, and he was completely blind.

Additionally, there were issues with the intestines.As a result, an operation was required.

However, Stevie’s biggest issue was how difficult it was for him to learn about and adjust to foster care:He was extremely afraid.

He either slept the majority of the way home or continued to growl and bark from the cage.We were aware that he was only defending himself.»

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