This lady bought a baby kitten: but with time it has grown almost to the size of a wolf and started growling during night


Maria purchased a little cat during the typical market crash.The lady saw some peculiarities in the pet’s growth some weeks after.

The cat was growing too rapidly.After a year, the animal has almost reached the size of a forest wolf and now sleepily growls.

The Barsik was like any other kitten when it was young.He enjoyed eating and sleeping more than any other cat.Maria said that it was because she was growing up.The kitten then started to develop.

Barsik weighed 10 kgs by the year.After 6 months it gained more that 15 kgs and grew 1.5 meters in length. It is true that he eats a lot.But don’t worry; we’ll still eat.

Maria was really worried that he started growling during night. It resembles a wolf rather than a cat.»Maria informed the media.

A vet already has examined it.He believes that Barsik was an extremely bizarre hybrid of a Norwegian forest cat and a Mei-kun.

A hybrid of this kind’s growth limitations are still unknown.Maria is not particularly concerned about the pet’s size.

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