This tiny kitten got adopted from a shelter, however he became the size of a dog and does not stop growing


An ordinary-looking white kitten was brought home by Julia and her family.However, the pet began to rapidly expand.

As a result, the woman was forced to pay attention to some oddities in his development—after a few months, the kitten had grown too big.

Julia finally entered the kitchen, where she immediately recognized the extent of the issue:The cat was clearly larger than a dog and stood on his hind legs.

Pictures of Julia’s unusual cat quickly went viral online, and the woman made a comment about it to a few media outlets.

According to Julia, she once adopted the kitten from a shelter. The kitten was extremely small, thin, and lanky.

However, the situation quickly changed.The kitten began to rapidly increase in size and weight in the loving home. Consequently, it turned out to be a Maine Coon of pure breed, one of the largest examples of the breed.

It is not surprising that guests frequently mistake the pet for a dog.Julia did not immediately pay attention to the cat’s size because of his gradual growth.

She was able to look objectively at the pet’s sizes thanks to a situation:When the woman entered the kitchen, she noticed that the cat was taller than the child because he was standing on his hind legs.

Despite its size, the pet is composed.However, nearby dogs attempt to avoid him.

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