Creative woman transforms 110-year-old tree into a magical miniature free library in her yard


A woman named Sharalee Armitage Howard changed a 110-year old tree into an outdoor mini-library.You can’t go there, but you can easily take books from there.Sharalee gave that tree a new life and it looks amazing!

The aged tree ought to have already been felled.However, she was motivated, and she unintentionally came up with an excellent concept.

She transformed a worn-out trunk into a little library with free books for neighbors, bystanders, and anybody who needed them.The „take – share“ principle underpins the library.

This free library is available to anyone who wishes to read, whether they are looking for a particular book or an individual author, just to pass the time while waiting for a fellow, or to read in the nature.

Sharalee was able to make her ideas a reality with the help of the Little Free Library.And the result was such a stunning beauty.A gable roof was added to the trunk, which was shortened and cut on the inside.

The book point has both internal and external lighting, which creates a truly magical effect.Because everything is thought out to the smallest detail, all of the little things are worth paying attention to.

It’s unusual to have the same molding above the door.In reality, they are signed, miniature, wood-carved books like „The Hobbit“ and „Gone with the Wind.“

The woman was recognized on the mini-library map for her good deed and officially joined the Little free library union.

Sharalee promised that she would paint, finish, and plant perennials in her book house closer to summer.The miniature library already resembles a real fairy tale house!

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