Here is the sweetest reason why pup insists on hugging daddy in the water


The lovely owners of a dog named Navó, who live in the Netherlands, take their dog camping and swimming.The only thing he is afraid of, despite being a daring and adventurous puppy, is water.

The dog occasionally experiences anxiety when there is water nearby, and the pet owners have found a remedy.In order to provide him with support during trying times, they wrap their arms around him and take him in.

The dog’s insistence on swimming snuggles is always charming to the mother.Navó tries to hug his parents because he wants to feel safe and enjoy being held.

He despises it when his parents are not present when he swims.He also gets the impression that he is in the safest place on earth whenever they are there.

The pet has experienced water before.His father turns out to be a triathlete, and he enjoys bringing Navó to the rigorous training.

The animal always enjoys taking part in the activities that his parents organize because he enjoys being with them.

When he is not swimming, the kind and curious dog enjoys playing fetch and observing the vast world.His favorite job is observation, and he enjoys interacting with others.

Navó seems like the perfect dog.When the father is competing, he is always there to support the mother.

He is, in the words of his parents, a true member of the family and the fulfillment of a dream.

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