Salvador Dolly, an amazing shelter pup born with the most fascinating mustache ever


Hearts and Bones Rescue brought a street pup to an Animal shelter some time ago.

The mother recently brought to world 11 wonderful babies, and 1 of them had a unique black mark on her face that resembled a handlebar mustache. With just 1 glance, everybody knew this pup was special.

As a result, the little 1 was titled Salvador Dolly, in honor of the famous painter Salvador Dali, who was well-known not only for his work of art but also for his famous mustache.

The workers at the shelter had to find a home for a lot of stray animals as soon as they came in because there were so many of them.

Luckily, a foster home was benevolent enough to let the family stay for a while until they found a forever home.Salvador, her mom, and her siblings will all be available for adoption by the end of August.

During their time in the foster house, the pups are still nursing and are under close observation.In order to ensure that she has the strength to care for all of them, their mother is being fed and cared for.

Although the family will still be brought to NY for adoption in a few weeks, Salvador has received numerous inquiries and applications for adoption.

The little one has amazed and delighted the volunteers who care for the babies, but they also have hopes that her mother and ten other siblings receive the same devotion and attention as the “Mustache Pup.

“All of them need love and lots of attention.

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