The kind woman built a nice and comfy space for little pups, who can spent their last days in harmony


Dogs are considered to be man’s closest friends.They are reliable, dedicated, and always willing to assist.These animals lavish their owners with affection.

However, many of the dogs in shelters have been abandoned by their owners. Despite the general lack of interest, Amy Evans made the decision to take action on behalf of the senior dogs.

In order to assist these animals in spending their final moments in peace and kindness, she established a canine hospice in Nottingham.

She usually takes kids out of shelters that are trying to take care of them because they deserve it.

Each dog has its own story, and nearly all of them were left behind by their owners.Amy spends about £600 on a puppy.

Even though she is unaware of their birthdays, she plans a celebration for them.The kind woman takes them to the beach, where they can buy fish or ice cream while they walk along the sand.

In addition, they dine at the nearby bar for dinner.These elderly pets now have a chance to feel a little appreciated and happy.

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