This girl’s voice should be everywhere possible right away


Meet Kristen who gave an outstanding concert on “AGT”. Her jaw-dropping voice have continued to wow the audience and the panel of jury.

Kristen is standing on a stage with bright lights shining on it.She is accompanied by the music band, and she uses a microphone that is mounted on a stand.She slowly moves in time with the music.That was in semifinal.

When she was first noted by a number of famous people, the 19-year-old girl already had established a name for herself on TT. She sang the song of Miley Cyrus “Nothing brakes like a heart”.

This song is a very famous one and has already been loved by lots of people.

During the 2nd verse, Kristen uses her hands to emphasize the emotional vocals and begins to pound her fist.

During the ending chorus, a choir sings with her, and the audience adores it. The words “heart” and “broken” appear to be projected on the floor beneath her feet.

With her fist in the air and the cheers of the crowd, Kristen finishes on a high note.This was an outstanding performance.

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