This talented parrot makes a cover of Led Zeppelin’s well-known song “Stairway to Heaven”


Tico was a wonderful Amazon parrot whose extraordinary owner was Frank Maglio.Many people loved the beautiful bird, which became a singing sensation.

Even though the owner liked to play the guitar, the musical bird would join him in singing. Frank loved to play guitar well and sing along with his pet. He also loved to play the guitar.

The bird’s delivery of the lyrics to Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” sounded almost accurate.Particularly the end.
Tico did a great job singing the song.

While his father played the guitar, he sang along, adding vocals where necessary.The owner and the pet performed the song perfectly and in perfect sync.

Tico was in this enormous birdcage while the owner sat in a comfortable chair.While he sang, he was at ease and walked back and forth in the cage.

His natural singing voice was brought to life by the music, and his placement of his vocals was brilliant. The bird eventually made its way up the cage and sat on the wooden perch inside.

The bird’s extraordinary appearance was enhanced by his yellow and green feathers. The intelligent bird didn’t hesitate to demonstrate his musical abilities.

Occasionally, while his talented father played the iconic song on the guitar, he sang without hesitation.Tico’s determination was demonstrated by his passion and slight aggression.

The young Tico exuded star quality. The bird was so exuberant at one point that he effortlessly sang high notes from the top wooden perch.

He did a fantastic job of responding to the music.It is possible to consider Tico’s rendition of Stairway to Heaven to be a one-of-a-kind musical expression of love.

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