At the age of 35 the world’s oldest male panda passes away, RIP dear An An


When an animal dies it’s very sad for everyone especially the ones who have raised them up. So lately we got the information that An An the oldest male panda in the world started rejecting to eat and passed away.

At that period he was 35 years old. To be more clear we need to state that panda’s 35 years old is the same as person’s 105 years old, which proves that An An had a long and full life.

The park had to put him to forever sleep as he was rejected to eat already for several days, which was bad for his health.

The park stated that although it was a difficult and sad decision, it had to be made!

There are also lots of other mammals in the park.In the park there are also 2 giant pandas, named Le Le and Ying Ying, and everybody has hopes that they can give birth to some babies before they die.

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